The Automotive Security Research Group (ASRG) is a non-profit initiative to promote the development of security solutions for automotive products. The ASRG Academic Conference is organized by the academic societies of the ASRG as an opportunity for students all around the world to promote their research work and to share knowledge with peers. Authors are invited to submit original unpublished research manuscripts that demonstrate current research in all areas of Automotive Security. 

We are inviting presentations of recent advances in the area of automotive security and privacy including technology, methodologies, use-case demonstrations, challenges and future directions. The list of topics includes, but is not limited to:

Automotive Security / Security for Mobility Systems:

  • Embedded/sensor/analog security and forensics 
  • Forensics and Intrusion Detection System for Automotive (on board/ off board)
  • Automotive Networks, e.g. CAN bus, Automotive Ethernet etc.
  • Secure integration of hardware and software systems for automotive 
  • Secure software/hardware updates in automotive
  • Electric/small/medium/heavy-duty vehicle system security
  • Secure software/hardware development, e.g., debugging tools, emulators, testbed, digital twins 

Autonomous Vehicles / Artificial Intelligence

  • Secure perception, localization, and planning in autonomous vehicles
  • Safety/security verification for autonomous driving
  • Artificial Intelligence applications in Automotive Security
  • Adversarial Machine Learning attacks against autonomous vehicles

Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) / Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) security, Edge Computing or MEC
  • Security/privacy in ITS applications and services e.g. vehicle platooning
  • Trust management in ITS
  • Secure development of future mobility infrastructure

Privacy, Compliance and Regulation

    • Privacy challenges in automotive e.g., driver and passenger privacy 
    • Privacy-preserving data sharing and analysis in automotive 
    • Software Supply chain for Automotive
    • Compliance with legal, safety, and environmental policies


We are inviting submissions in the following categories: 

  • Full presentations (25 to 35 minutes) are expected to exhibit significant novel work in relevant areas. Submissions under this category must provide sufficient background of the topic, the problem they are solving or researching, and their contributions to the discipline.
  • Workshops and Demos (40 minutes to 2 hours) are expected to engage the audience in interactive dialogue around emerging topics in the research and industry communities. It is favorable to provide a tutorial around a specific focused area, include demonstrations, and allow the audience to participate in related exercises or quizzes. Conference organizers can work with the authors to set these up in alignment with the online format of this conference.
  • Short Presentations (10 – 15 minutes) will describe work that is still in progress, such as preliminary results that still need to be matured through further experimentation.
  • Pitch Presentations (5 – 10 minutes) provide an opportunity to pitch a novel idea, a suggested solution to a known problem, an interesting new area, or anything else that may provide value to the audience, while giving the author a chance to get feedback or connect with potential supporters for their pitched idea.


  1. Submit presentation abstract for review. Content must not be complete at this time, however an abstract must be submitted.
  2. [Submission Ready] All submissions will be reviewed by the CFP Review Committee.
  3. Notification of acceptance.
  4. [Live-Ready] Submission of updated and complete Presentation files / pre-recorded video.

The proceedings will be published by ASRG.


Submission deadline: July 29, 2022
Notification of Acceptance: Aug 12, 2022
Submission of final presentation: September 1, 2022



  • Submissions must have a real name, no aliases.
  • Presentations shall be held in English.
  • There is no restriction on the template for submissions.
  • Disclosure presentations in which the affected companies have not been informed, will not be considered. The reason for this conference is not fame, but to inform.
  • Submissions shall be entered by researchers/speakers (no submissions from PR firms/marketing representatives).
  • Submissions that highlight new research, tools, vulnerabilities, etc. will be given priority.
  • Submissions that include novel or innovative ideas are highly encouraged and will also be given priority.
  • Incomplete Submissions will not be considered.
  • Individuals may submit more than one proposal, but each proposal must be submitted via a separate submission form.
  • Each submission must include detailed biographies of the proposed speaking team.
  • Submitters will be contacted directly if Review Board members have any questions about a submission.
  • Presentations and videos will be published after the conference, unless the submitter requests specifically not to be published.
  • To request work not to be published after the conference must be done at time of submission or per email before the conference. Requests after the conference will not be considered.

Pre-Recorded Videos

Since this conference is international and the worldwide infrastructure and scheduling issues can have an impact on the quality of the presented content at the conference, we require that all presentations be pre-recorded.  Presentations can be also live, however a pre-recorded video is still required.

  • Videos must be at least HD quality.

©2022 ASRG is operated for the good of products everywhere and the people that drive them.


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