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ASRG Academic Conference

September 21

The automotive industry is in the middle of a rapid change, from the classic mechanical engineering companies that build machines towards modern digital companies. This new, connected world provides a multitude of challenges for the security of present and future vehicles. To address these challenges, there is a huge demand for experts in security engineering for automotive systems, that currently cannot be fulfilled by the job market.

The ASRG Academic Conference addresses this challenge by providing a safe environment for students and researchers on their way to becoming experts for automotive security to present their ongoing research work to an international audience. We provide the opportunity to receive valuable feedback from academic and industry experts on their ongoing and completed research work. 

Additionally, this conference provides an opportunity to present the research work to international audience and enable practicing in safe environment. This is also an opportunity to connect with the industry experts of the same subject matter and get their insights.

The most important of all, this is a conference and an initiative led by the students for the students.

The ASRG student leaders have identified the need to encourage students at all stages to submit the ongoing research to experience the peer presentation. 

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