How to hack Teslas and why the automotive ecosystem needs to be secure


PRESENTATION: In this webinar, David Colombo will deep dive into how he gained access to 25+ Teslas around the world with the ability to control critical features such as disabling sentry mode, unlocking doors, and starting keyless driving by exploiting third-party software. This highlights why not only the vehicles themselves but the whole ecosystem being built around modern cars, need […]


Auto-ISAC – The Importance of Collaboration & the 2021 Annual Threat Report


PRESENTATION: Faye Francy, Executive Director, will provide an update on what is happening in the Auto-ISAC and the importance of operational collaboration and information sharing. The Auto-ISAC has been operating for six years now and has 70 member companies engaging. The ISAC is also a embarking on building a training program working together with NHTSA. She will also provide an […]

Security Testing


PRESENTATION: Cybersecurity is critical to protecting our infrastructures. With the convergence of enterprise IT and product, IT to multi-purpose systems vulnerabilities and risks are increasing. Current cybersecurity standards provide guidelines to mitigate security risks in products, projects, and organizations. This webinar introduces systematic security engineering following standards such as ISO 21434. To learn for your own security testing, we will […]

Future Trends in HSM Driven Automotive Cybersecurity


PRESENTATION: For security at the ECU level, pure security solutions alone in software cannot sufficiently protect the integrity of a secure system. Hardware Security Modules (HSM) are a necessary prerequisites to harden embedded systems against attacks and to provide protection for the integrity and authenticity of the system. HSM experts Rohan Pandit and Suraj Ramachandrappa from ESCRYPT will give insights […]

How to manage secure resource sharing on next generation of E/E architectures?


PRESENTATION: Using a microcontroller hypervisor as an integration platform for next-generation E/E architecture is a desirable proposition. However, an essential consideration in such platforms' system architecture is sharing the HSM without compromising security and performance requirements. In this free, 60-minute webinar, Andrew Coombes and Rohan Pandit of ETAS present a use case of integrating an HSM into a microcontroller hypervisor […]

On the Insecurity of Vehicles Against Protocol-Level Bluetooth Threats


PRESENTATION: In this webinar we talk about, Protocol-Level Bluetooth Threats (PLBT), a novel and relevant class of threats for automotive security. Specifically, we explain what they are, why they are relevant, and how they can be evaluated on modern cars. We also report our PLBT evaluation results on five popular In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) units used by KIA, Toyota, Suzuki, and […]


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