GRIMM builds and instructs off-the-shelf training courses that explore how to think like an attacker — how an attacker might target and exploit an organization’s systems, networks, or devices.

GRIMM offers several off-the-shelf courses developed to train your team on how to better understand how an attacker might attack and exploit an organization’s systems, networks, or devices. These courses are “hands-on” so that students “understand by doing it themselves”.

Courses generally focus on vulnerability research of Windows and OS internals and automotive security. Most students are hardware or software developers, engineers, penetration testers, forensic investigators, vulnerability researchers, security auditors, or general IT professionals — all may benefit from these courses.

Additionally, GRIMM develops custom courseware for organizations with unique needs. In the past, GRIMM has developed courseware for commercial clients interested in better training their IT workforce — building security into development practices, understanding how the attackers think, and learning techniques they may employ to secure specific technology.

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